Sweet Grace Laundry Care Pack
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Sweet Grace Laundry Care Pack

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Sweet Grace Laundry Care

Bridgewater Candle Company’s Sweet Grace fragrance is now “officially” iconic.  Sweet Grace sales now outstripping all the other Bridgewater fragrances combined with sales continuing to grow exponentially.  

Full-bodied passionfruit and apricot embrace the heart-warming aromas of sparkling tea, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and patchouli for a heaven sent fragrance formula.

Laundry Care (x1) pack consists of:

Detergent Concentrate 100ml x 12

Laundry perfume 200ml x 12 £167.40 discount of -£17.40

Total Offer Price £150.00  - total discount of -£17.40

Detergent- Give your laundry the VIP treatment  - Luxurious formula designed to  provide long-lasting, beautiful scent to clothing and linens. For 4kg wash: 16ml
For 6kg wash: 25ml

 Perfume - Give your clothes and linen a fragrance boost!

A few drops are enough to create a Sweet Grace fragrance explosion in your laundry.

Can be used in combination with other laundry detergents and can even be put in the dryer ( in combination with our wool dryer balls )

Perfect for towels and sheets. (50 doses)