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IMG_9100 28 Sep

Sweet Grace Offer

Bridgewater Candle Company’s Sweet Grace fragrance is now “officially” iconic. Sweet Grace sales now outstripping all the other Bridgewater fragrances combined with sales continuing to grow exponentially. Heart of the Country are excited to offer for the first time a themed range of the Sweet Grace Collection which brilliantly showcases the beauty and addictive fragrance of Bridgewater Candle Company’s Sweet Grace. A beautiful but sturdy jar spinner is provided free on loan, two 18oz jar burning samples (a potential of 290 total hours burn time) with this offer as well as a pair of angel wings to complete the display.

Complete offer includes: 12 8oz candles, 18 18oz candles, 6 boxes of sachets (9 per box), 1 box of votives (18 per box), 6 reed diffusers, 2 boxes of rooms sprays, i box of car vent clips (12 per box), 1 box of wax bars (12 per box), FREE display on loan, 2 large burning samples, 1 Free angle wings and carriage. View prices here.