Fragrance Descriptions


Afternoon Retreat – Sink back into a bed of soft moss with teak, sandalwood and amber as a light breeze of fresh bergamot and lime sweeps the air.

Aloha Summer – A succulent medley of pineapple, black currant, and peach greet with a kiss of cheer, while a flowering heart of jasmine, magnolia and water lily warbles cordial sentiments. Creamy vanilla blanketed in coconut shavings make the sweetest lasting impression.

Blue Door – I always wanted to study abroad…first stop, London! The car pulled up to the house with the blue door, layers of mandarin and cedarwood filling the air.

Bonfire – Earthy wood notes softened with vanilla and highlighted with amber and fir.

Bouquet of Roses – I arrived home from work and the room was filled with the sweet aroma of fresh roses. A rose petal trail led me to him in celebration of our anniversary.

Bridgewater – The chilly air whipped through my hair as the smell of the green woods and violets surrounded me. I ran along the path, skipping rocks all the way.

Cabana Splash – Clean, airy seashore with citrus and tropical florals.

Christmas Bliss – Embrace the Christmas spirit with warm vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Cup of Cheer – Frothy and warm this blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla will surely warm the soul.

Daisy Days – Clean, airy seashore with citrus and tropical florals.

Dear Santa – This traditional treat of fresh baked goodies touched with ginger awaits Santa’s arrival.

Free Spirit – Feel the salty sea air on your face as you embark on a watery adventure.  The universal appeal of sun drenched florals and soft woody notes will free your spirit.

Fresh Apple – Fresh Apple opens with the delectable juices of sweet fruits followed by bouquets of muguet and leafy greens, while cinnamon shavings and vanilla deliver up a slice of lingering warmth.

NEW Gathering – Radiating with golden warmth and sprightly spice, Gathering ushers the olfactory sense to fond inner circles of comfy familiarity. Crystallised pear bids an amicable welcome followed by delectable encounters of cinnamon and clove. Gourmand garnishes of rich baked vanilla seal the fragrance in an unforgettable sweetness that leave the senses in a state of pure satisfaction.

Hayride – Floral bouquet wrapped with fresh cucumber and softened with sandalwood.

Kiss in the Rain– A story book romance of a dreamy embrace of black currant, raspberry and strawberry.

Lavender Lane – I enjoyed our strolls through lavender fields. the long leisurely walks and conversation were a great ending to our visit with friends.

Lemon Pop – Refreshing lemon zest dribbled over juicy pineapple and mango puree melt into crystallised lavender sprigs and creamy coconut shavings.

Let’s Celebrate – Glittery bursts of succulent strawberry and mandarin fizz into a flowery trio of mimosa, honeysuckle and gardenia, while an infusion of buttery vanilla rum, sandalwood and musk exalt the senses into a holding pattern of pure jubilation.

Lily of the Valley – Classic floral, Simple & Pure.

Love Notes– Nuances of bergamot, ginger and rose gently embrace a heart of incense and sumptuous Velvet Oud, with a finale of patchouli, grassy Papyrus and sweet Benzoin.

Merry Morning – Sugared Pears dance to a melody of Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla and White Musk.

Open road – On the open road, the joy is in the journey.  Roll down the windows breathe in the country air and inhale the sweet smell of wildflowers.

Orange & Clove – Kitchen spice and everything nice!” my Mom used to say. The orange, cinnamon, and clove reminds me of her cooking.

Orange & Vanilla – I inhaled the smell of sweet oranges and fresh vanilla beans as I picked up the last of the ingredients for a special dessert.

Pomegranate – It was the perfect split–right down the middle. I opened up my first pomegranate and was tempted by the juicy tartness of the red fruit.

Remember When – I remember those days when Grandma and me spent hours baking cookies. She would always let me add the dash of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to her secret recipe.

Sea Grass – The kids were building sand castles nearby as we sat on a blanket tucked into the sea grass, the soft clean fragrance of the ocean washing over us.

Snow Day – Grab your boots and bundle up for some sledding magic filled with fresh florals and topped with the warmth of vanilla and sandalwood.

Solitude – A quietness surrounded me allowing the smell of the lotus petals, white roses, and orange flowers to be captured by the musk aroma of dusk.

Spring Dress – Stroll through the garden in a spring dress of sheer feminine blossoms. Surround yourself with peony and magnolia, sparking citrus and warm mahogany.

Storybook Dreams– Fluffy layers of warm linen collapse on a soothing sea of undulating lavender and herbal tea, gradually surrendering to the cosy familiarises of sandalwood and vanilla.

Sweet Grace – Passionate fruits with sparkling tea and classic patchouli.

Sweet Magnolia – The front porch rockers were in sync with the breeze and the air was filled with Southern sweet magnolia.

Sweet Summer Tea – Refresh yourself with chilled sweet summer tea mingled with strawberries, lemons and a kiss of lily blossoms.

Tea Party – Fruity and mellifluous beginnings of mandarin, peach, and apricot sift through dreamy puffs of peony and rose. Dribbling juices from ripened red berries surrender to a foundation of white musk capping this lovely blend in darling delicacy.

Tickled Pink – Recall carefree afternoons spent giggling and chasing bubbles.  Tickled Pink combines the sweetness of linden blossoms with a splash of pink berries.

Tree Trek – A trek for the perfect fir tree begins in the crisp winter woods a mist fresh mountain air.

Tulips – Beautiful rows of tulips are all I see as a very soft and elegant perfume reminds me of our trip to Holland.

Vanilla Cream – Rich vanilla butter-cream frosting dripped from my nose as I ate the cake before Mom saw me.

Welcome Home – The aroma of cinnamon, plums and apples lead me down the lane as I head home for our annual family gathering.

White Cotton – The wind is blowing, my arms are wide and all at once I feel five again…dancing in and out of the sunshine filled sheets hanging on the line.

Wanderlust – Fabricated with an airy and nomadic feel, the fragrance layers windblown marigold, and velvety apricot over dancing orange flower. A trail of buttery caramel, smooth vanilla, and earthy sandalwood sweetly beckon through the unruly breeze.



NEW Amber Warmth – A magnetising aura abounds from the seamless unification of spice and silky accords in Greenleaf’s Amber Warmth. An intensely dark centre of cinnamon and nutmeg is softened by velvety cashmere and grapefruit zest. A riveting base of tobacco flower, golden amber, and sweetened vanilla draws the fragrance to a seductive close.

Apple Spice & Cinnamon – Traditional apple combined with cinnamon, spice and everything nice.

Bella Freesia – Lovely freesia and delicate white tea beautifully blend with amber and cotton blossom in elegant splendour.

Blushing Tulips – Fragrant spring tulips, coupled with enchanting sandalwood and musk.

Buttercup Fields – Yellow fields of buttercups sparkle with fresh citrus and pineapple on a bed of sandalwood and vanilla.

Cashmere Kiss– Airy layers of orange and bergamot fold into delicate beds of jasmine and rose, with a finish of vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, and musk.

Cinnamon – Warm and spicy with the aroma of fresh cinnamon sticks.

Citrus Samba – Sparkling grapefruit and rose petals twirl through the bright glow of warm amber in lively rhythm with juicy lime, orange, and mandarin.

Classic Linen – Fresh fragrance of spring air and clean water, wrapped like a sun-dried quilt with sweet floral and balsamic notes.

Dream Blossom – Fantasy of rose and anise, sweetened by cherry blossoms, patchouli, and vanilla in a delightful daydream.

First Blush – Graceful and serene, as warm white musk gently wraps a citrus blend with soft notes of poppy and floral blossoms at its heart.

Garden Breeze – A romantic blend of jasmine, rose and citrus with ylang and woodsy notes.

Gardenia – Delicate white petals bloom into a romantic bouquet, mingling with whispers of dewy green notes and intoxicating musk.

Ginger Cinnamon – Ginger and citrus brighten a blend of cinnamon, clove, and spice blossoms,sweetened by caramel and vanilla.

Gracious – Sweet and creamy pumpkin, blended into an elegant fruit musk.

Haven – Refreshing seashore blended with lavender and jasmine flowers on a woody amber sweet musk base.

Hope – Exuberant and warm blend of fresh fruits, gentle spices and sweet vanilla.

Jasmine – Pure, delicate jasmine strikes a delightful and timeless fragrance note.

Lavender – The calming essence of lavender, relaxing and pure.

Magnolia – The fragrance of magnolia blooms float on the air like a southern greeting.

Merry Memories – A merry mix of favourite holiday fragrances: warm cinnamon, vanilla, and clove, blended with delightful green sugared pear.

Moss & Mist – Musky Patchouli unities with wild woods and moss sweetened by fresh apple pear, and flourishing magnolia.

Orange & Honey – The vibrant aroma of fresh orange citrus is blended with the scent of sweet honey nectar.

Pomegranate – Luscious and exotic pomegranates twisted with hints of juicy green apples.

Radiant Waters – Invigorating notes of fresh green sparkle, with spearmint and eucalyptus on a warm woody tonka base.

Raspberry Lemonade – Sun-ripened raspberries perfectly paired with invigorating fresh lemons.

Roses – Soft, romantic perfume of delicate roses in bloom.

Seaspray – Bright and refreshing blend of jasmine, sandalwood and musk, with the enticing essence of fresh ocean air.

Silver Spruce – Fresh wintery aroma of crisp Siberian Fir and cedarwood, softened with sandalwood.

Spa Springs – Aquatic notes are brightened with bergamot and green tangerine and balanced with musk and amber in a refreshing blend.

Tuscan Vineyard – Sophisticated, full-bodied blend of rich Tuscan grapes on the vine.

Vanilla – Perennially favourite essence of pure, warm and luxurious vanilla.

Vintage Violet – Lush bouquets of violets, rosebuds and ylang gilded with amber and softened by sweet fig, cream and honey.



Blessed – Blessed embodies a thankful heart with delicate orange flowers, whtie rose and lotus petals over smooth bergamot.

Bloom – Sparkling Green Accord, Citrus, floral, Mahogany, White Musk and Amber

Dream – Tropical Coconut, fruity floral blossoms and warm vanilla

Grace – Sparkling tea notes with patchouli and full bodied fruits.

Hope – Notes of Fresh Clean Linen.

Jingle – Jingle all the way through the crisp wintry woods amidst fresh mountain air to find that perfect fir tree.

Joy – Vanilla nutmeg and cinnamon.

Memories – Fresh baked ginger cookies create warm winter memories.

Peace – Florals warm vanilla and sandalwood.

Soar – Fruity, floral, Sandalwood and Amber.



1 – Hawaian Poppy, TOP orange, bergamot, mint MIDDLE poppy, cyclamen, rose, lilac BASE woods, musk.

2 – Malaysian Black Tea, TOP lavender, cardamom, thymus MIDDLE black tea, cinnamon, artemisia BASE coumarin, vanilla, sandal wood, musk.

3 – Indian Black Pepper, TOP orange, bergamot, mint MIDDLE poppy, cyclamen, rose, lilac BASE woods, musk.

5 – Rosewood of Quebec, TOP sicilian citrus MIDDLE spice flavour, bouquet BASE cedar wood, gaiac wood, cumarin, patchouly, vanilla.

6 – Mint of Cuba, TOP lemon, orange, bergamot MIDDLE mint, eucalyptus, cyclamen, thrusch BASE vetiver.

8 – Florence Talcum Powder, TOP sicilian citrus, bergamot, pepper MIDDLE iris, violet, rose, cotton flower BASE cedar wood, vanilla, musk.

9 – Malibù Ocean, TOP citrus flavour, white thymus, thrusch MIDDLE geranium, marin, flower bouquet BASE white musk, coumarin.

10 – Pure Amazon, TOP orange, bergamot, mint MIDDLE poppy, cyclamen, rose, lilac BASE woods, musk.

11 – Samoan Woods, TOP bergamot, orange, artemisia MIDDLE geranium, cistus, tonka bean BASE cumarin, amber, patchouly, vanilla.

12 – Gardenia of Tahiti, TOP sicilian citrus, rose MIDDLE jasmin, gardenia, ylang BASE vanilla, sandal wood, musk.

14 – Paradise in Kauai, TOP citrus flavour, floral bouquet, aldehyde, mint MIDDLE pineapple, lilac, floral bouquet, mandarin BASE vanilla, cedar wood, musk.

15 – Maldivian Breeze, an evening breeze blows in from the Maldivian sea. Cool sand and the scent of jasmine.

18 – Rose of Morocco, TOP tangerine, watery, jasmine MIDDLE rose, vanilla, peony BASE amber, musk, sandalwood.

19 – Asian Vervain, TOP tangerine, vervain, lemon flowers MIDDLE lily of the valley, aromatic herbs BASE juniper, galbano, musk.

20 – Hokkaido Lavender, TOP aromatic harmony, lavender MIDDLE jasmine, freesia, rose BASE powdery, musk.

21 – Papaya do Brasil, TOP lemon, orange, grapefruit, green notes MIDDLE papaya, spicy red fruit, jasmine, spicy notes BASE sandal, vanilla, musk.

22 – Reunion Island Vanilla, TOP lemon, orange, bergamot MIDDLE eucalyptus, fruity cumarin, vanilla flower BASE sandal, vanilla beans, musk.

23 – Siberian Leather, TOP green tea, neroli, bergamot MIDDLE jasmine, rose, freesia BASE leather, amber, patchouli.

24 – Emotions of New England, TOP orange, lemon, nutmeg MIDDLE cinnamon, apple, heliotrope, peony BASE tonka bean, vanilla.

25 – Arabian Oud, TOP orange, bergamot, mint MIDDLE poppy, cyclamen, rose, lilac BASE woods, musk.

26 – Orange Flower, TOP lemon, bergamot, neroli MIDDLE jasmine, orange flowers BASE cedar wood, patchouli, musk.

27 – Sandal of Kerala, TOP bergamot, sage MIDDLE violet leaves, lavender, geranium BASE sandalwood, cedar wood, tonka bean.

28 – White Tea Of China, TOP lime, green melon, litchi MIDDLE jasmine, white tea, water lily BASE powdery, musk.


Metallic Blue – Equilibrium

Frosted Charcoal– Siberian Leather

Frosted Silver – Fresh Air

Gold – Oriental

Matt Black – Black Tea

Matt Red – Pepper Mint

Metallic Pink – Gardenia of Tahiti

Pearl White – Citrus & Musk

Houndstooth – Black Orchid

Metallic Silver – Pure

 NEW Glitter Gold – Woody

NEW Glitter Pink– Roses

NEW Glitter White – Sweet Powder


White – Fresh Air

Green – Citrus

Black – Cedar Wood

Yellow – Vanilla Orange

Energy – Red

Pepper – Mint

Fuchsia – Citrus & Musk

Purple – Lilac Blossom

Blue – Ocean Breeze

Brown – Tranquillity

Beige – Black Tea

Tiffany – Sandal Kerala


Black – Cedar Wood

Green – Citrus

White – Fresh Air

Red – Peppermint

Yellow – Vanilla

Orange – Citrus



Black Ginger – A seductive fragrance of time worn leather and sweet mulled spices brewed over an open flame with the aroma of tropical ginger.

Bright Leaf Tabacco – Centred around cured tobacco leaves and rooted with Tonka, Vanilla and Patchouli and a Amber and Lavender top.

Champaca – The inspiring aroma of rare sandalwood inextricably interwoven with the scent of the delicate champaca petals.

Deep Clover – A gentle blending of recently mowed rye grass and red clover peppered with wood chips and earthen moss.

Honeysuckle – The sweet woody scent of wild honeysuckle tumbling over roadside bushes and blackberry vines.

Moroccan Fig – The scent of precious woods, aged figs from faraway lands, and hearty earthen spices.

Pink Mimosa – The sweet aroma of strawberries mixed with Mimosa and Vanilla Rum.

Red Currant – A savoury blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over coarsely ground vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry filled sugar cookies.

Smoke on the Water – The smell of sweet caramel musk absorbed in patchwork flannel and the residue of smoked cedar, evergreen and hickory oak chips.

Speakeasy – Aged oak barrels, brimming with the intoxicating aroma of spices, fermented fruit, and a delicate touch of caramelized sweetness.

Teak – An aromatic blend of coarsely chopped dried herbs and forest floor earthen moss.

Tuscan Olive – Reminiscent of a time long past, the faint aroma of earthen pots overflowing with basil, oregano, and bay tempered with the light filtered blanket of clear pressed olive oil from the backyard trees.

Vanilla Bergamot Blossom – Lily petals, vanilla and cinnamon.



Beautiful Blue – A bold emergence of passion fruit, peony, pine and vanilla.

Gorgeous Grey –  A mingling of birch, vetiver and amber accented with a tinge of grapefruit.

Gracious Green – Spring waters wind about verdantly lined banks as Gracious Green’s dewy notes give way to hints of eucalyptus.

Outrageous Orange – A bold trio of peach, persimmon and red currants.

Posh Purple – A magnetic array of orange, jasmine, gardenia, honey and patchouli.

Pucker Up Pink –  Soft gardenia, strawberry, mimosa and sandalwood.

Remarkable Red – Sparks fly as a mingling of earthy greens, tart citrus, cassis and fruity musk unite in heated perfection.

Wonderful White – Wonderful White’s presence infuses ozone, wildflowers, lilies with sandalwood.



Amber Spice  – Exotic mandarin, patchouli, and spices mingled with lavender, orange blossom, and rose.

Anchors Away – Feel the salty sea air as you embark on a watery adventure with sun drenched florals and soft woodsy notes.

Anise – Sophisticated blend of bergamot, star anise, oakmoss, patchouli and vanilla musk.

Apple Spice & Cinnamon – Warm vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and spices sweetened with red apples.

Baby Powder – Powdery soft and simply irresistible.

Baked Apple – A delectable scent of warm apples blended with sprinkle of cinnamon spices swirl taste buds into a mouthwatering frenzy.

Balsam Fir – Balsam Fir melds the sharp, crispness of wintery fir needles with spicy, resinous cedar wood all softened by the sweet allure of sandalwood. Fragrance peonies, hyacinth and blush roses bloom among oak moss and freshly cut grass.

Bamboo & Blossoms – Top notes of apple tree, black currant, camelia flowers submerge with the energy of green citrus and the sensual flowers of honeysuckle, lily, and magnolia.

Cherry Blossoms – Light cherry notes merge with sweet floral blends to capture the essence of Spring.

Cinnamon Berries – A nostalgic blend of tart berries and comforting cinnamon give way to creamy vanilla, resulting in a holiday scent tradition of jovial bliss. Refreshing cocktail of chilled strawberries, lemons, and tropical fruit.

Crafty Snowman – After exploring Winter’s wonderland, cosy up by the fire and enjoy this warm fragrance of sweet cinnamon and creamy vanilla.

Cranberry Spice – True cranberry infused with a fresh green note as well as a caramel note.

Dream Big – A sweet reminder to shoot for the stars, Dream Big embodies an inspirational spirit layering revitalizing mint and dewy melon over zesty lemon. Bouquets of powdery violets and white freesias seal the fragrance in floral bliss.

English Garden – Stroll through a Sunlit Garden.

English Ivy – Fresh Ivy, moss and fern combine for a herbal experience.

Flamingo Party -Refreshing cocktail of chilled strawberries, lemons, and tropical fruit.

Fresh Cut Peonies – Fragrance peonies, hyacinth and blush roses bloom among oak moss and freshly cut grass.

Fetchin Good (Pet sachets) – Classic Linen.

Foxy – The vibrant freshness of ginger, peach, and orchid blended with tea rose in a deep woody base.

Give Thanks – Hospitality flows from a gracious spirit and a thankful heart. Show your appreciation all year long with the aroma of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon blended with smooth sandalwood and vanilla.

Great Escape – A serene combination of sweet lemon and airy florals.

Jasmine – Sweet spring time floral.

Laundry Line – Crisp scent of fresh laundry.

Lavender – Rejuvenate with this soft and peaceful scent.

London – A royal experience of perennial pleasure with mixed floral coupled alongside sandalwood and musks.

Lily of the Valley – Lush Blossoms cascading in the valley.

Magnolia – Fill your home with the sweet smell of magnolias.

Meow (Pet sachet) – Floral beds of lotus petals and white blossoms blend with tangy bergamot to pounce out signs of fluffy’s stench.

Modern Fairytale – Soft floral in amber, birch wood, and patchouli base wth bergamot, ylang, ginger and geranium.

Ocean Life – Daydream away with watery green florals and sweet sea air.

Orange Clove – Orange citrus notes with spices of cinnamon and clove.

Orange Honey – Rich Citrus with a touch of sweet honey.

Palm Tree – Enjoy the tropical scent of fresh coconut.

Paris – “The City of Lights” swirls with a fragrance burst of bergamot and mandarin infused with peach, apricot, and vanilla chocolate.

Passion Flower – Escape to an Island paradise filled with Plumeria and Coconut.

Peace – A relaxing breeze blended with lavender and jasmine on a woody amber musk base.

Pear Spice – Spice notes of Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg in a Vanilla base with Pear top notes.

Pink Owl – A chic bouquet of mimosa, gardenia, honeysuckle red rose with creamy sensual base of sandalwood, vanilla, and musks.

Plentiful – A chic bouquet of mimosa, gardenia, honeysuckle red rose with creamy sensual base of sandalwood, vanilla, and musks.

Pomegranates – Tart freshness enhanced by apples, grapefruit, and tangerine.

Purrfectly Fresh (Pet sachet) – Lavender

Raspberry – Sun-ripened Raspberries, Florida Orange, Rose & Ylang.

Red Door Wreath – A cool combination of mixed berries, cinnamon leaves & evergreen.

Roses – Fill your home with the sweet smell of romantic flower.

Rose Garden – A garden of freshly picked Roses.

Round Topiary – Fresh Ivy, moss and fern combine for a herbal experience.

Seaspray – Reminisce on days spent at the ocean.

Snow Ball – Wonderful combination of cinnamon and vanilla.

Spa Day – Sweet floral of Jasmine, Honeysuckle blend together to create a relaxing spa.

Sparkle – A Little Sparkle harmoniously unites delectable peach and apricot with revitalizing bergamot and mandarin. Decadent bands of white chocolate drizzle a sweet finish to this effervescent blend, and the end result is simply dazzling

Spiced Pumpkin – Creamy Rich Pumpkins baked in simmering spices of clove and sweetened with brown sugar.

Strawberry – Sun-ripened strawberries from the vine.

Suds & Soap – Lather up with the fresh notes of citrus and cedar.

Summer Romance – Passion Fruit, Peony Blossoms, Pine & Orchid.

Tradewinds – Cool breeze of masculine cologne.

Tuscan Grape – Luscious concord grapes bursting with dewdrops of currant berry.

Vanilla Glow – Vanilla Blossoms, Amber, Vanilla Sugar, Tonka, Sandalwood and Musk.

Venice – Breeze through age-old canals on a romantic gondola with the essence of paper whites, honeysuckles, and a shower of citrus and currant.

Watermark – Watery green floral highlighted with lime and citrus softened with patchouli and amber.

White Cotton – Inspired by the beauty of pure cotton bathed in sunlight.

Wildflowers – Peaceful aroma of mandarin, cucumber, and water lily mingled with blooms of jasmine, gardenia, and rose.

Wings – Sweet berry & tart fruity green scattered among sweet florals & woodsy pine softened with sweet vanilla.

Woof (Pet sachets) – A harmonising blend of ripened coconut and lush floral blossom gets two paws up and a wag of approval from sparky.